Jack O’Keefe (1906-1988)

Around the turn of the twentieth century, Jack O’Keeffe was born on a farm in the southwest coast of Ireland.  Jack lived in Ireland into his early thirties.  As an adult, he worked very hard wherever he could find work.  Jack moved to Liverpool, England where he found steady employment as a construction worker.  That is where he found his love for the game of golf and for the first time he could afford to play the sport.  World War II began and Jack joined the British Army.  When the war ended, Jack received 1,000 pounds severance pay, which he quickly used to further pursue his love for golf.  Jack invested in new golf equipment and green fees in England. In 1950, Jack decided to take the journey and  visit his sister in San Pedro.  His sister was employed as a housekeeper at Holy Trinity Parish under Monsignor Gallagher.  One look at the atmosphere of Holy Trinity School and Parish and Jack decided to stay.  He accepted a job as the facilities custodian.  There is where he found his next joy, the children of Holy Trinity School.  He would sing old Irish songs while working, not knowing the kids were listening, and before he knew it the kids began to sing along.  He loved to tell old Irish jokes and play the harmonica for the kids.  Jack was always a staple at the kids sporting events cheering them on home or away.  After their games Jack would pass out fresh squeezed lemonade, made from the lemons he grew in his back yard.  Jack retired from Holy Trinity in his early 70’s but continued to support the kids at all their events.  At the young age of 73 Jack entered a Seniors Golf Tournament and won easily by shooting a 73.  Jack was an avid golfer until the age of 82.  Jack was a friend for all of us at Holy Trinity School and Parish that were lucky to know him.  It is with great honor that we continue to celebrate his life and legacy with this tournament.  It is only fitting that the proceeds benefit the kids of our great school.  Jack would be truly humbled for this honor.



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